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Green Building and Sustainability Consultants.  We provide expert insights, solutions and consulting services. Our solutions focus on sustainability, and the holistic benefit it provides. This includes financial profitability, operational efficiency, along with brand exposure and trust. 

Why we're here

In 2010, director André Harms spent 14 months in Antarctica. He worked for the South African National Antarctic Programme as the team leader and mechanical engineer. It was there that André came face-to-face with the critical situation our planet is facing. Following his returning in 2011, he combined his new found knowledge, passion for the environment and engineering background to start Ecolution Consulting.

How we work

We are dedicated to redefining business and using it as a force for good. Committed to staying on top of the cutting edge solutions and technologies in the market place. We constantly innovate our own strategies and methods to provide maximum value. We also believe this helps us achieve more successful, efficient and healthier spaces and communities.

Evaluate and certify your building to ensure it complies with the SANS 10400-XA National Standard >

Our SANS 10499-XA service uses computer modelling instead of the strict prescriptive route to comply with the SANS 10400-XA standard. This allows for greater design freedom and savings for your client.

Green star certification icon

Green Star

The Green Star certification is one of the fastest growing global rating systems. It promotes integrated, whole building design whilst reducing environmental impact.

LEED Certification Icon


LEED is the most wide-spread and internationally recognised green building certification. It rewards and certifies best-in-class building strategies and their practices.


EDGE stands for Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies. It is a tool aimed at increasing energy, water and materials efficiency in various buildings typologies.

Building Commissioning Process

We offer the Commissioning process for Green Star SA and LEED projects, or as a stand-alone service. It ensures a higher level of building performance that will endure over time.

Indoor Environmental
Quality Optimisation

Our IEQ Optimisation service includes inspections, testing and reporting. We can also focus on Green Star EBP Compliance to allow your team to focus on the rest of the certification process.

Net Zero

The Net Zero Certification is aimed at projects that go beyond the partial reductions that are recognised in the Green Star SA tools.

Building Performance

Our energy modelling department offers a variety of services. We integrate the work of architects and engineers to find the sustainability “sweet-spot” for building optimisation.

SANS XA-10400 Compliance

Use computer modelling instead of the strict prescriptive route to comply with the SANS 10400-XA standard. This leads to greater design freedom, efficiency and savings.

Sustainability & Green Building Consulting

Our general consulting service are vast. We can evaluate and/or monitor your site. Followed by the development and/or implementation of an environmental management plan according to your requirements.

Healthy Building

Our HBA offers a preventative assessment and strategy. This can lead to mitigating the risk of COVID-19 and other diseases from reaching and spreading in the workspace.

Engagement and Communications

We assist with employee engagement and internal communications campaign. We also offer external marketing solutions so you can effectively and transparently communicate your sustainability journey.

Strategies & Visions

Success in corporate sustainability requires a comprehensive strategy. We assist with strategies that encompasses all aspects of the business. From the office environment to the employees, suppliers and even consumers.

Project Dashboard

Our Values

We are driven by the purpose to be better corporate citizens while nurturing a more sustainable, restorative tomorrow. As we work towards this vision, these are the values that govern our actions and define our aspirations:

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What our clients say

Rhys Thorogood

Project Delivery Manager at Unilever

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ecolution Consulting, the service support, and attention to detail provided to the Unilever team throughout the various initiatives from commencement to completion has been unparalleled.

Megan Sager

Director of Consulting for Sustainable Solutions

Advisory work in sustainable finance requires a precise approach and exceptional customer orientation. As our engineering partner, André Harms of Ecolution Consulting consistently delivers both.

Chris van Zyl

Group Environmental Manager and Horticulturist at Vineyard Hotel

The Vineyard has a long working relationship with Ecolution Consulting where the quality of the advice and attention to detail was of a very high standard. We have used their consulting services on a variety of projects from technical advice, sustainable procurement and Green Building Council Certification

Warren Douglas

Head of Treasury, Equites Property Fund

Ecolution were tasked with a complex piece of work that required detailed analysis of vast amounts of data that was not easy to acquire. Nevertheless, the team, led by Andre, were professional, engaging, diligent, thorough, and provided regular feedback. The team met the tight deadline, and in addition to what was required, provided helpful recommendations.

Some of our clients

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