Ecolution was started in 2011 in response to the need for a market transformation towards more sustainable and responsible design, construction, operation and maintenance in the built environment.

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Why we're here

Whilst spending 14 months in Antarctica working for the South African National Antarctic Programme as the team leader and mechanical engineer, our director André Harms came face to face with the critical situation our planet is facing. It was there that he became acutely aware of mankind’s reliance on energy and other resources, as well as our propensity to produce waste. Upon his return in 2011, he resolved to combine his new found knowledge, passion for the environment and engineering background to start Ecolution Consulting.

How we work

As a founding B Corporation, we are dedicated to redefining business and using it as a force for good. The B Corporation status not only provides a mechanism for us to harness the power of private enterprise to create public benefit but also to act as a catalyst for a change towards bettering our world. 

Our dedicated team is based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. A team who not only apply sustainability in their business approach, but in their day-to-day lives. It is the infectious passion of each team member at Ecolution Consulting that makes the success of the business, and the difference it makes, possible. Meet the Team>     

What we do

We provide expert insights, solutions and consulting services for businesses in any industry and buildings of any nature. Our services assist clients who are striving to be an environmentally responsible business, as well as being recognized as such. Our solutions not only focus on sustainability, but the holistic benefits it provides. Whilst our services are vast, we focus primarily on providing sustainability consulting and engineering services to the building industry. Why? Because currently building’s account for one third of the global greenhouse gas emissions, 40% of the world’s energy consumption and 25% of the world’s water consumption. This industry provides a phenomenal opportunity to reduce our global environmental impact and live, work and play in better spaces.

The Ecolution Consulting Vision:

We live, work and play sustainability!

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