Building Performance Modelling
Integrating the work of architects and engineers to find the sustainability “sweet-spot” for building optimisation

Use powerful engineering software tools to learn about your building, improve its design for the local climate and/or ensure it meets certification standards.

At Ecolution Consulting, we take an integrated approach to optimise building performance and energy end-use. We collaborate with architects, designers, engineers, owners, and the operational team at every stage of the process to ensure that we achieve significant energy and cost savings that will last over the lifetime of the building

All our modelling services are carefully crafted to suit project budgets and timelines 

Early Stage Design Modelling

Simplified, low cost, climate responsive design and planning for building design in early stages.

Design Optimisation Modelling

Comprehensive responsive design and planning that builds on early stage design modelling.

Certification Modelling

Evaluate and certify building performance based on Green Star and/or LEED certification.

SANS 10400-XA Modelling

Evaluate and certify your building to ensure it complies with the National Standard.

See our full performance modelling ‘journey’ here.

Why Choose Ecolution Consulting to guide your Building Performance Modelling?

Building performance modelling is a cornerstone of sustainability at Ecolution. With the use of sophisticated software, our experienced engineering team maximises your building’s sustainability performance by finding the perfect balance between indoor thermal comfort, optimal daylight and energy efficiency. We design in response to your building’s climate by accentuating bespoke features for balanced solar control, natural ventilation cooling, and passive systems to meet your design budget and long term operational savings.
Ecolution’s services are tailored to enable all building types to afford performance modelling. We apply modelling at all stages of your building’s ‘life cycle’ to reduce energy cost and improve comfort; starting at basic concept modelling, to advanced performance modelling, SANS 10400-XA and Green Star certification modelling, and operational performance audits, all integrated into Ecolution’s broader service offering.