Start your sustainability journey
Basic Building Performance Assessment to help reduce the financial and environmental costs of your building

During these uncertain times, now more than ever, sustainability and resource efficiency can offer building owners the unique opportunity to reduce their cost of operations and make their buildings more resilient.

By supplying us with confidential information about your building, through this form, we will:

  1. Analyse your building operations and give it an energy use score which rates it relative to similar building types. This enables you to set clear, quantifiable goals and targets for the sustainability of your building.
  2. Advise you on the next steps of your sustainability journey through a preliminary benchmark, findings and recommendations report 

Please note:

  • In order to perform the assessment and backup our recommendations, we will make use of a number of reputable processes, tools, standards, guidelines and references such as Green Star SA Energy & Water Performance benchmark tool, ASHRAE’s Building EQ and ASHRAE- Standard 211-2018 for Commercial Building Energy Audits
  • This is a preliminary assessment and benchmarking exercise only. Detailed output can only be provided by a full sustainability assessment which will include a site visit.
  • The value of the assessment output will correlate with the quality of the input values provided by the user.
  • T&Cs apply

Our  Basic Building Performance Assessment is a part of our greater service offering:

After the basic assessment is completed, we can provide you with a host of further value added green building related services outside of this offer. These include an “in depth” sustainability audit service, where we conduct a detailed analysis of your existing building operations as well as MEP systems, to determine it’s overall sustainability. See our other services for more information.