Our Team
We live, work and play sustainability!

The Ecolution Consulting team is based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. A dedicated team who not only apply sustainability in their business approach, but in their day-to-day lives. It is the infectious passion of each team member at Ecolution Consulting that makes the success of the business, and its positive impact, possible.

Meet the Team

André Harms

Founder, Director
& Sustainability Engineer

  • BEng Electro-Mechanical Engineering (UCT)
  • Renewable Energy Professional (REP)
  • Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP)
  • Green Star SA Accredited Professional (GSSA AP+ for New Build, Existing Building Performance, Sustainable Precincts)
  • Net Zero Accredited Professional
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert & Auditor (GBCSA)
  • Assessor, Reviewer, Technical Advisory Panel & Faculty Member (GBCSA)

Founder, director and lead engineer, André Harms, has a degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and a passion for the environment. This is a fundamental combination that has led André into the field of green building and sustainability consulting in the built environment. 

Having worked in various engineering sectors for several years André has racked up valuable experience. Areas of experience include a few years in industrial design, homologation and 14 months in Antarctica as mechanical engineer and team leader of the SANAE overwintering expedition. André is a certified Renewable Energy Professional and is recognised by The Association of Energy Engineers. André has also served on the Technical Advisory Panel for the contextualisation of the Green Star SA sustainable precincts tool and was a lecturer and external examiner for the Environment and Services course of the 2nd and 3rd year architecture students at UCT. 

When not in the office you are likely to find André enjoying the outdoors through various avenues such as camping safaris, hiking and rock climbing among others. 

Wardah Safi

Senior Sustainability & Green Building Consultant

  • Bachelor in Architecture Studies (UCT)
  • BTech in Construction Management (CPUT)
  • Fundamentals of Project Management Course (UCT)
  • Energy Management Course (Eskom)
  • Green Star SA Accredited Professional+ (GSSA AP+ for New Builds)
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert
  • Assessor & Faculty Member (GBCSA)
  • Green Star SA Accredited Professional (Existing Building Performance)

Wardah Safi holds a Bachelor in Architecture Degree as well as a BTech in Construction Management which led her into employment assisting with a renewable energy project. This sparked her love and passion for sustainability and willingness to actively making a positive impact on the environment. The constant drive to consciously do better for the environment has placed her in fortunate positions to contribute to the industry as an Accredited Professional in Green Buildings.

In the few years working in the Green Building industry, she has overseen multiple Green Star certification processes by engaging with both project design teams as well as the co-ordination and management of internal office teams. She believes that sustainability extends far beyond just the building and it’s envelope but also in business practices and operations and the overall well being of an organization and it’s employees. Thus, making her a key player in assisting with the upkeep and maintenance of office tools, systems and processes as well as employee engagement and well-being.
In her spare time, you can find Wardah busy designing beautifully modest female garments for a passion project clothing label she co-owns with her sister. In addition to that, she also enjoys being active with interests that lay in muay thai, boxing and hiking. 

Cornelia Oberholzer-Mey

Senior Sustainability &
Green Building Engineer

  • MArch Sustainable & Energy Efficient Cities (WITS)
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • ISO 50 001 Energy Management Systems Implementation Expert
  • BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with endorsement Information Technology (UJ)
  • BSc Information Technology (UJ)
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert & Auditor (GBCSA, GBCI, SGS)
Cornelia is a Certificated Electrical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager who has swapped a career in the mining industry for the rewarding field of sustainable engineering. Having worked in industrial environments for several years, she not only strongly believe that there are many environmentally sustainable alternatives available, but that more energy efficient processes and solutions can also have a positive financial impact on companies’ bottom lines. With years of experience across a wide variety of engineering disciplines, she has a strong background in green building certification and energy efficiency, project management, and maintenance and safety management on projects both large and small.

Ayesha Nakhwa

Sustainability & 
Green Building Engineer

  • BEng Chemical Engineering (UCT)
  • MSc Eng Chemical Engineering (UCT)
  • Certified Measurement and Verification Professional
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert

Ayesha Nakhwa has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering with previous consulting experience. With a keen interest in efficiency and developing solutions to complex problems she joined Ecolution Consulting to be able to see the positive impact of her work.

In her spare time, Ayesha enjoys spending time with her loved ones, baking and going for walks.

Ashley Champion

Sustainability Consultant

  • Bachelor of Architecture (NUST)
  • Master of Science in Sustainability and Behaviour change (LJMU)

Ashley’s background in architecture ignited a passion for biophilic design, where nature seamlessly integrates into the built environment. This, coupled with a growing awareness of the construction industry’s impact on our planet, led her to pursue a Master of Science in Sustainability and Behaviour at LJMU (CAT). She finds that being able to leverage these combined passions for green building is a dream come true!

Her Master’s delved into the captivating relationship between building design, occupant behaviour, and societal norms, with a particular focus on how these elements influence and are influenced by sustainability policies. This deeper understanding of the intricate link between behaviour and policy empowers Ashley to craft effective sustainable design solutions that not only consider the physical environment but also encourage positive occupant behaviours that contribute to a building’s overall environmental performance.

When Ashley is not working on creating greener spaces, she enjoys keeping active with Pilates, and is always seeking new ways to connect with nature, whether it’s a scenic hike or a picnic on the beach.

Sibulele Candy jonas


  • National Higher Certificate in Accountancy – Cost and Management Accounting (CPUT)

Sibulele obtained a National Higher Certificate in Accountancy (Majoring in Cost and Management Accounting) at CPUT. 

Previously employed as an administration clerk at the Department of Health, Afrika Tikkun and Lewis group, she then decided to expand her knowledge in accounting, business management and sustainability by joining Ecolution consulting. She is very excited about joining the team because she believes in being environmentally responsible.

In her spare time she enjoys reading books, spending quality time with her family and friends and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Dr James Joubert

Senior Sustainability Engineer & Engineering Operations Manager

  • PhD Mechanical Engineering (SU)
  • MSc Eng Coastal Engineering (SU)
  • BEng Civil Engineering (SU)
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert
  • SANS 10400 XA Competent Person

James is a qualified Civil Engineer with an MSc in Coastal Engineering and a PhD in
Mechanical Engineering. His love of the ocean and passion for sustainable
development solutions guided him to pursuing postgraduate studies in wave energy conversion, where he also gained valuable consultancy experience.

Since then, the desire to find practical ways to implement measures that reduce the impact of development on the natural environment has led him to the sustainable- and green building industry. First as a project manager for an eco-residential property developer and currently applying his problem-solving engineering skills to sustainable development at Ecolution.

When not working, James enjoys being outdoors in nature – either surfing, playing
football with friends or walking/running in the mountains with his dog.

Obayd Hoosain


  • BSc Construction Studies (UCT)
  • BSc Honours Quantity Surveying (UCT)
  • Candidate Quantity Surveyor (IT7530)
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert
    Green Star Accredited Professional (Green Star AP New Build)
  • Green Star SA Accredited Professional (Existing Building Performance)
  • PGDip Sustainable Development (SU)

Obayd is a qualified Quantity Surveyor with a B.Sc. in Construction Studies and B.Sc. Honors in Quantity Surveying. After working within the engineering and build environment for several years, he then returned to his studies to embark on a journey which led to following his passion in completing a Post-Grad in Sustainable Development. With a background in Quantity Surveying, engaging in roles within property development and consultancy realms has definitely exposed him to an array of project experience. Having worked within the green building sector, he has utilized his prior knowledge and new skills sets to guide and co-ordinated multiple project teams to achieve EDGE certifications. This has defined his focus on incorporating sustainable practices within the engineering and build environment. When asked why he pursued becoming a Sustainability Consultant :‘I decided to embark on a journey with like minded people that hopes to see sustainable change beyond the status quo”.

In his spare time you can find Obayd outdoors hiking and running in the mountains, or taking full advantage of the surf breaks around Cape Town when he’s not chasing down sunrises and sunsets with his camera.

Peta Brom

Dr Peta Brom

Senior Sustainability Consultant & Certification Operations Manager

  • PhD Biological Sciences (UCT)
  • MPhil Environmental and Geographical Sciences (UCT)
  • BPhil Sustainable Development Planning and Management (SU)
  • B Consumer Sciences Housing (SU)
  • Green Star SA Accredited Professional+ (GSSA AP+ for New Builds, Interiors, Sustainable Precincts)
  • Assessor, Technical Advisory Panel, V2 Taskforce (GBCSA)

Senior Sustainability Consultant, and Certification Operations Manager, Peta Brom, is an urbanist with a passion for reconciling urban development processes with responsible environmental practice. She brings more than a decade of experience in sustainable design and certification consulting from the pioneering years of the GBCSA. She has ushered many firsts through the certification gates, including the first project to achieve full certification in one round, and the very first project to be certified As-built.

Noting growing concern over biodiversity losses, she turned her attention to reskilling herself in urban biodiversity planning and graduated with a PhD in Urban Ecology in 2022. Her philosophical approach is based in systems thinking, mobilizing leverage points to effect positive systemic impacts. She is keenly interested in the role that green infrastructure will play in providing nature-based solutions to the resilience, climate, and sustainability challenges facing African cities of the future. In her free time, you can find Peta summitting a mountain, camping, snorkelling, or slow cooking something that will satisfy her love of good food, made well.

Anja Oosthuysen

Sustainability & 
Green Building Consultant

  • BDES Environmental Design (Inscape)
  • BDES Hons (Inscape)
  • BCom Management Sciences (SU)

Anja’s profound passion for the environment has consistently been the key motivator for her decisions, personally and professionally. 

After earning her BCom from Stellenbosch University, she ventured into sustainable design and achieved an honours degree in Environmental Design. Her thesis explored the potential of nature-based solutions for regenerative architectural design, aiming to restore local ecosystems. Graduating with distinction, she became part of the Ecolution Family, contributing to the EDGE department. 

Outside of work, Anja enjoys hiking Cape Town’s scenic trails, spending time with her rescue cats, or experimenting with new recipes. Her research interests span biomimicry, vernacular architecture, natural building, and ecology.

Asanda Gwala

Sustainability & 
Green Building Consultant

  • BSc Honours in Quantity Surveying (Wits)
  • BSc in Construction Studies (Wits) 
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert

Asanda Gwala holds a BSc in Construction Studies degree and a BSc Honours in Quantity Surveying degree, both earned from the University of the Witwatersrand.

During his final year, Asanda co-authored a research paper titled “The Perceptions of Relevant Stakeholders in the Use of Artificial Photosynthesis for Carbon Capture,” which received 2nd place in the Property category at the 2022 Greenovate Awards hosted by Growthpoint Properties in collaboration with The Green Building Council of South Africa. This study explored how Artificial Photosynthesis Technology can serve as a renewable energy solution in buildings, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions in the construction industry. This research significantly fueled his passion for sustainability in the built environment.

Additionally, Asanda has completed the EDGE Expert training to further strengthen his qualifications in Green Building and Sustainability. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer with friends and experimenting with new cooking recipes.


Nonhlanhla Mathabela

Sustainability & Green Building Consultant

  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies (UKZN)
  • Green Star SA Accredited Professional (GSSA AP+ for New Builds)
  • Eco Districts Accredited Professional
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert

Nonhlanhla has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and while working in a few architecture firms, she saw the need for sustainable solutions to improve the overall efficiency of buildings. This led her to working in the Sustainability/Green Building industry. Her motivating force is her passion for sustainability and participating in reducing and redressing the negative impact of buildings on the environment.

Her technical background and experience in architectural firms equipped with a solid foundation for tackling advanced sustainable performance questions as a Green Star SA AP has contributed towards numerous Green Star SA certifications and building performance modelling projects.

When not in the office, Nonhlanhla can be found spending time with her family and friends, trying out recipes at home, going to restaurants or coffee shops, travelling and taking walks.


Wendall Coenraad

Sustainability Engineer & Energy Modeller

  • BSc Hons Laser Physics (SUN)
  • BSc Physics (SU)
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering (SU) 
  • SANS 10400 XA Competent Person
  • Design Builder Modeller 

Wendall is a qualified mechanical engineer and laser physicist. His love of the environment and keen interest in green transport led to a career as a simulation engineer in the motor vehicle industry developing South Africa’s first electric vehicle, where he specialised in thermal comfort and cooling systems. His insatiable curiosity and need to expand his mathematical analysis skills set him off on a path towards laser physics where he specialized in modelling, simulating and testing high resolution optical
imaging techniques.
After graduating with degrees in laser physics, he joined the Ecolution team as a sustainability and energy modelling engineer.
This move came after bouts of self reflection saw him yearning to return to his roots and look for ways to address the very apparent problem of climate change. Here he hopes to apply his varied skillset to help with their drive towards meaningful change in the building space.
He spends much of his spare time out for walks, cycling, reading or socialising with friends and family. Always trying to make
full use of the glorious natural surroundings of his home in Cape Town.

Profile Photo

Dr Edmund Meyer

Sustainability Engineer & Energy Modeller

  • PhD Civil Engineering (SU)
  • MSc Eng Structural Engineering upgraded to PhD (SU)
  • BEng Civil Engineering (SU)
  • Green Star SA Accredited Professional (GSSA AP for New Build)
  • EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Expert

Edmund is a qualified Civil Engineer with a PhD in Civil Engineering, which was upgraded from a Masters in Structural Engineering. During his post-graduate studies, his exposure to sustainable design and love for façade engineering led him to pursue a career in sustainability engineering.

Edmund joined Ecolution to complement his technical knowledge of building thermal performance with real-world project problem-solving and the application of sustainable solutions.

In his spare time, he is found buying new toys for his cat, visiting cafés and restaurants with his wife, and going for walks.


Tamzyn Arendse

Sustainability Consultant

  • Btech in Environmental Management (CPUT)
  • Green Star Accredited Professional (GSSA AP for New Builds and Interiors)
  • Net Zero Accredited Professional
  • Carbon Footprint short course (Sustainability Institute)

Tamzyn holds a Btech Degree in Environmental Management and is also a Green Star Accredited Professional for New Buildings, Interiors and a Net Zero Accredited Professional. Her journey into the world of sustainability and green building industry began during her employment in the Environmental Sustainability Directorate at UCT and played a pivotal role in developing her career within the green building space. Tamzyn enjoys watching sports, particularly rugby, and regularly plays football. She enjoys reading books, listening to music and loves watching anime. Most of all, she loves spending time with her family and friends.