Employee engagement & Sustainability Communications

Tangible change starts with the education of, and the buy-in from, employees in the workplace. As such we offer a series of practical behavioural, awareness orientated initiatives and internal communications services. From there, you can look to communicating externally in a transparent, factual and earnest way. View our sustainability page for for more insight on how we apply this service offering internally.

What do we offer?

Implementation of in-house sustainability drives

In-house campaigns have a big role to play in corporate sustainability. They provide a platform for employees to be educated, empowered and incentivised. A shift in mind set can change behaviour, fuel passion and excitement for sustainability in the workplace, whilst improving sustainability metrics. The sustainability drives and campaigns created by Ecolution are bespoke and thus project dependent. They may vary from educational sign-based campaigns to fully integrated employee campaigns that include everything from workshops and team buildings to sustainability dashboards, digital communications and interdepartmental competitions.

Educational Workshops and Training Sessions

Educational sustainability workshops and training sessions can have the following purposes: To understand a company’s corporate sustainability goals, potential challenges and opportunities in order to develop a sustainability strategy and vision To educate different levels of employees, either in group or one-on-one sessions, on sustainability education and what can be achieved as individuals and as a collective To incite passion and personal responsibility for sustainable growth and change within the work environment.

External Sustainability Communications

Once change is taking place, we encourage you to share that with external stakeholders and the public. However, it is incredibly important for sustainability communications to be factual, transparent and avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing. The public are also becoming ever more discerning in telling apart those who just use sustainability as window dressing and those who are communicating real change. As such, we offer sustainability communication specialists who can assist with messaging for social media campaigns, press releases, advertising and other mediums.

Why Choose Ecolution Consulting to guide your employee engagement and sustainability communications?

 At the Ecolution office, we have, through tried and tested methods, successfully implemented various programs to embed an Employee Engagement model that meets sustainability goals plus employee and employers needs alike. Through our Eco Champion roles and initiatives such as eco bricking & eco-documentary sessions, waste, competitions and a whole host of other initiatives, we are able to actively practice what we are passionate about sharing with our clients, projects and the public at large. These services unlocks further utility savings, environmental benefits, team building, goal setting and ensures each stakeholder contributes ‘their bit’ in making better choices to help our environment and bottom line.  In addition to our own office, we have successfully implemented our Employee Engagement and Communications strategies on a number of projects within our portfolio.