Green Star Certification
Guiding, Recognising and Rewarding Leadership and Innovation in the Built Environment

The Green Star certification is one of the fastest growing global green building rating systems. The certification promotes integrated, whole building design whilst reducing the environmental impact of developments and recognising environmental leadership.

We drive Green Star submission processes to ensure each building that we work with is as sustainable and innovative as possible, whilst ensuring that the Green Star certification criteria are met and the project is recognised and rewarded as such. 

What rating tools are available?

New Build / Major Renovation

A green building certification platform for New Buildings or Major Renovations

Existing Building Performance

An accessible green building certification platform for Existing Buildings


A Sustainability certification platform for large scale developments at a precinct or neighbourhood scale


A green building certification platform for building interiors; power in the hands of the tenant.

Each rating is divided into a number of categories with further credits each assessing a specific sustainability initiative to gain points towards a total score. Projects can achieve one of the following ratings, recognised as follows: 4-Star (Best Practice), 5-Star (South African Excellence) and 6-Star (World Leadership).

What are the benefits of Green Star Certification?

  • Green Buildings consume less of the earth’s limited resources through a reduction in water and energy consumption. 
  • They also have a reduced impact when it comes to waste.
  • Green buildings are healthier for building occupants leading to an improvement in employee/tenant well-being and productivity
  • This can also leads to reduced employee turnover and reduced absenteeism
  • Green buildings have lower utility costs due to the fact that they consume less energy and water. 
  • With preventative maintenance, maintenance costs can also be significantly reduced.
  • High operational performance, reduced operating costs, reduced dependency on limited resources and a reduced environmental footprint are all elements which lead to a building (and investment) which is future-proofed.
  • Green certified buildings are more easily marketed, thereby attracting quality tenants and/or employees, as well as showcasing the responsible practices of your business.

Why Choose Ecolution Consulting to guide your Green Star Certification?

With over 9 years experience in green building, we have come to fine tune our services; we offer solutions which are holistic yet practical and result in far-reaching building and operational benefits. We have turnkey Green Star, energy modelling and commissioning experts in-house who are detail-oriented, passionate and efficient in process-based implementation. We integrate well into the design processes of the project team, having worked on some of the top green building projects in the country. We always look for the most cost-effective ways of achieving your goals and green building certification whilst thinking long-term to ensure a future-proofed and economically sustainable operation. Among several other successful projects, Ecolution is proud to have been the Accredited Professionals on South Africa’s highest rated Green Star building in 2019, Hotel Verde Cape Town as well as the first Green Star rated brewery in the country, Darling Brew.

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