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Green Star

The Green Star certification, one of the fastest growing global rating systems, promotes integrated, whole building design whilst reducing environmental impact.

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LEED, the most wide-spread and internationally recognised green building certification, rewards and certifies best-in-class building strategies and their practices.


EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a tool aimed at increasing energy, water and materials efficiency in the South African residential sector.

Building Commissioning Process

The Commissioning process for Green Star SA and LEED projects, or as a stand-alone service ensures a higher level of building performance that will endure over time.

Indoor Environmental
Quality Optimisation

Our Indoor Environmental Quality Optimisation service includes inspections, testing, reporting and Green Star EBP Compliance allowing your team to focus on the rest of the certification process.

Net Zero

The Net Zero Certification is aimed at projects that go beyond the partial reductions that are recognised in the Green Star SA tools.


From small residential homes to large commercial buildings we orchestrate energy modelling for complete building envelope optimisation.

Healthy Building

Preventative assessment and strategy to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and other diseases from reaching and spreading within our workspaces.

Sustainability & Green Building Consulting

We will evaluate and or monitor your site and develop and or implement an environmental management plan according to your requirements.

Engagement and Communications

We assist with employee engagement and internal communications campaigns, as well as external marketing solutions so you can effectively and transparently communicate your sustainability.

Free Basic Building

During these uncertain times, we are offering a free Basic Building Performance Assessment to help reduce the financial and environmental costs of your building.

Strategies & Visions

Success in corporate sustainability requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all aspects of the business – from the office environment to the employees, suppliers and even consumers.

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