Net Zero Certification

The Net Zero Certification awarded by the GBCSA is aimed at projects that go beyond the partial reductions that are recognised in the Green Star tools, and have taken the initiative to reach the endpoint of completely neutralising or even positively redressing their carbon emissions; water consumption; solid waste to landfill and their negative ecological impacts.

A Net Zero building will implement efficiency measures and interventions first and then offset the remaining demand through either on-site solutions, off-site solutions, or offsets, such as carbon credits and similar initiatives.

At Ecolution Consulting, we guide building projects through the Net Zero certification submission to ensure they are as sustainable as possible, meet the certifi cation requirements and are recognised as such.

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What rating tools are available?

Net Zero Carbon

Net Zero Carbon

A Net Zero Carbon building is one which is already highly energy efficient, and the remaining energy demand is supplied by renewable energy, preferably on-site production but this can be offset with off-site production too. This will result in Net Zero carbon emissions on annual basis or, if excess renewable energy is supplied than used on site, this is Net Positive.

Net Zero Water

Net Zero Water

A Net Zero Water building is one which is designed, constructed and operated to greatly reduce its water consumption and then offset its remaining water demand with harvested, recycled and reused water such that the volume of water consumed is the same as that produced, or even Net Positive where the water recycled/harvested is greater than that consumed.

Net Zero Waste

Net Zero Waste

A Net Zero Waste building is one which reduces, reuses, and recovers its waste streams to convert them to valuable resources with zero solid waste being sent to landfills over a period of 12 months. Alternatively the building can take waste from other sites and divert it for reuse, making the building Net Positive regarding waste.

Net Zero Ecology

A Net Zero Ecology project is one which does not reduce the ecological value of the site during development for greenfield sites. Alternatively, a Net Positive Ecology project increases the ecological value of the site for brownfield sites, greenfield sites and/or existing developments.

What are the benefits of a Net Zero Certification?

Net Zero Certification has a myriad of benefits including, but not limited to:

Why Choose Ecolution Consulting to guide your Green Star Certification?

We have had early involvement with the Net Zero certification tool giving us a competitive advantage with Net Zero experience and fine-tuning of the pilot tool. We were involved in Two Dam Sustainable’s Net Zero Carbon certification. This project was one of the first four pilot projects to have been certified Net Zero in South Africa in October 2017.