LEED Certification

LEED, the rating used by the US Green Building Council, is the most wide-spread and internationally recognised green building certification. Through a rigorous, documented process that relies on performance and measurement, LEED rewards and certifies best-in-class building strategies and their practices. 

We drive the LEED strategy and submission process to ensure each building that we work with is as sustainable and innovative as possible, whilst ensuring that the LEED certification criteria is met and the project is recognised and rewarded as such. 

What rating tools are available?

Green Star New Build / Major Renovation

Building Design & Construction

Green Star certification - Interiors v1

Interior Design & Construction

environmental benefits

Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance

Green Star Certification - Sustainable Precincts

Neighbourhood Development

Green Star Certification - Existing Building Performance


What are the benefits of LEED Certification?

LEED Certification has a myriad of benefits including, but not limited to:

Why Choose Ecolution Consulting to guide your LEED certification?

With over 6 years experience in green building, we have come to offer solutions which are holistic and result in far-reaching building and operational benefits. We have turnkey LEED, energy modelling and commissioning experts in-house who are detailed and efficient in process-based implementation. We integrate well into the design processes of the project team, having worked on some of the top green building projects in the country. We always look for the most cost-effective ways of achieving your green building certification whilst thinking long-term to ensure a future-proofed and economically sustainable operation.

In addition to LEED consulting, we also offer the Building Commissioning Process as a sub-service or stand-alone service.  

For more information on LEED certification, go to the LEED certification page on the United States Green Building Council’s website.