Boost your Building’s Immune System
We offer building assessments and guidance to help you achieve a healthier building to reduce the risk and threat of COVID-19 and other diseases in your workspace.

Whilst one cannot fully prevent COVID-19 from reaching and spreading within our workspaces, we can and should mitigate the risk through preventative strategies. Building owners and/or operators should have their spaces and building systems evaluated to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. Studies have indicated that Heating, Ventilation and Cooling systems may play a role in the spread of COVID-19, however research is ongoing.

Healthy Building Assessment

Ecolution Consulting, and its partners, can provide your building with a “Healthy Building Assessment” where we will perform:

(1) Healthy building audit
(2) OH&S – COVID-19 Workplace Readiness Gap Assessment (Government Gazetted)
(3) IAQ Testing (Indoor Air Quality Testing)
(4) Water Quality Testing
(5) HVAC Equipment Checks
(6) HVAC design, layout and suitability review
(7) HVAC programming Review
(8) A findings and recommendation report will be provided to ensure spaces are well prepared for building re-entry

Minimising Risk in the Workplace

What is needed for the assessment to take place?

In order to perform the assessment and backup our recommendations, we will make use of a number of reputable processes, standards,
guidelines and references, whilst we endeavor to stay updated as this cutting edge fi eld gains new insights and guidelines. These include:

– Disaster Management Act: COVID-19 occupational health and safety measures in workplaces
– Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993
– Government latest COVID-19 Regulations GG.43257
– ASHRAE Journal – Guidance for Building Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
– WELL building standard V2 2018
– SANS 241 – Drinking Water
– SANS 893 – Legionnaires’ disease

Our Healthy Building Assessment can also be combined with a sustainability audit where we will assess the sustainability
of your existing building operations as well as Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems.

Please note:
– The assessment will not provide a guarantee of infection and spread detection nor prevention, but rather reduce the risk| The assessment is not an “official inspection”, but rather an assessment to ensure the building is prepared for an Approved Inspection Authority.
– Access to equipment and controls is required to perform the assessment.
– Access to design documents, O&M files will be very useful and improve the outcome of the results

For more information, contact us or send your location, building type, occupancy and square meterage of your building to get a quote.


Why Choose Ecolution Consulting to guide your Healthy Building Assessment?

We have helped numerous clients achieve their goals of creating more sustainable buildings. Not only do these sustainable buildings reduce environmental impacts, but they also result in healthier environments for all building occupants. Healthy buildings have healthy and effective occupants. Founded on our comprehensive IEQ and commissioning services, we, and our industry partners, are proud to offer you our Healthy Building Assessment Service. We have the tools, expertise and experience to boost your building’s immune system.

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