Indoor Air Quality / Indoor Environmental Quality Optimisation
Inspections, testing, reporting and Green Star EBP Compliance

At Ecolution Consulting, we can provide several of the Indoor Air Quality / Indoor Environmental Quality inspection, testing , reporting and optimisation services either as a stand alone service or as required for the Green Star South Africa Existing Building Performance IEQ credits.

Our IEQ/IAQ Services

Our IAQ / IEQ services can be tailor made to your requirements or as per one or more of the relevant Green Star Existing Building Performance credits. We can test parameters such as: 

Monitoring and control of indoor pollutants and thus help sustain the comfort and wellbeing of building occupants.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

• Carbon monoxide (CO) levels measurements
• Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels measurements
• Reporting and corrective action plan

Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-1 (3 points)

Operational practices that provide occupants with a high degree of lighting comfort by addressing discomfort caused by lighting flicker as well as excessive lighting levels.

Luminaire ballasts
• Fluorescent ballast audit and reporting
• Magnetic ballast replacement program
Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-2 (1 point)

Lighting comfort 
• Lux level measurements
• Lighting Comfort Report
Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-2 (1 point)

Operational practices that monitor and maintain a high level of thermal comfort for building occupants.

Mechanically or Naturally Ventilated Spaces
• Winter and summer temperature measurements
• High-level audit and reporting
• Thermal comfort survey
Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-3 (2 points)

Innovation Challenge 
• Airspeed measurements in conjunction with temperature measurements
• PMV report
Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-3 (1 point)

Assessment of building occupants’ satisfaction as it relates to comfort.

Occupant Satisfaction
Develop, provide and assess occupant comfort survey, summarise results and provide corrective action plan.
Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-4 (2 points)

Monitor acoustic comfort factors and strive to improve performance to ensure acoustic comfort for building occupants and minimize impact on surrounding buildings.

High-Level Acoustic Audit 
• Acoustic audit with measurements
• Audit report and corrective action plan
Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-5 (1 point)

Recognize the introduction of naturally lit spaces which provide occupants in regularly occupied spaces with access to appropriate daylight and quality views for the activities being performed during the performance period.

Daylight Access and Glare Control
• Lux level measurements
• Daylight Assess Report
• Glare control assessment and photographs with short report.
Green Star EBP Credit: IEQ-6 (1.5 points)

Ecolution Consulting also offers a Healthy Building Assessment service which can help boost your building’s Immune System beyond mere compliance to COVID regulations and ensures peace of mind of all occupants. For more information refer to our Healthy Building Assessment page.   

Why choose Ecolution Consulting to optimise your building’s IEQ/IAQ?

Indoor environmental quality directly impacts your company’s greatest resource, its employees. Ecolution Consulting has been helping building owners create a healthier and optimised work environment, which have been proven to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism, since 2011. Ecolution has conducted multiple successful indoor environmental quality assessments and recommended optimisations both as part of their Green Star certification and as independent audits.