Hotel Verde 

Lead Sustainability Consultants | Double LEED Platinum | Six Star Green Star | Carbon Neutral Experience 

Africa’s greenest hotel and the first hotel in the World to achieve double platinum LEED certification. 

Ecolution Consulting has had the joy and privilege of working as lead sustainability engineers on one of the country’s most exciting and innovative green building projects, Hotel Verde, “Africa’s Greenest Hotel”. 

The project is unique in that it has embodied sustainable practices and principles since conception and has been built and designed with sustainability and efficiency at its core rather than as an afterthought. The dedication to sustainability at the hotel is clearly evident both in the construction phase as well as the manner in which it is operated. The emphasis on designing for efficiency and conservation has led to large energy and water savings, renewable energy generation and sustainable operating practices that result in considerable medium term financial returns while simultaneously minimising impact on the environment. Not only does the green aspect of the hotel save by directly reducing the cost of resources but this can be used as a powerful marketing tool. Green buildings have a higher market value than conventional buildings.

Client Name: Verde Hotels
Project Location: Cape Town
Services: Full suite of services as lead sustainability consultants 
CertificationsDouble LEED Platinum (first in the world), Green Star SA 6 Star Existing Building (first hotel in SA)