The Ecolution Consulting Values

As a a certified Bcorp, we are a company committed to using business as a force for good. We believe that the values we aim to uphold both internally and externally form the basis of our goal to be a business that cares for people and the planet.

We wanted our values to be more than a statement on a piece of paper or something that sits on your company website as simple lip service. We wanted to look at how we could refine and further develop meaningful values that we could live out and hold our selves accountable to every day.

As such, we embarked on a values journey with Facets of Growth. Facets of Growth assisted us by facilitating a number of values workshop in which we could brainstorm and develop our values in true participatory fashion as a team.

The Values we Chose

It is not easy to to distill your beliefs and values to five words and phrases. But we believe that these five values illustrate our purpose to be better corporate citizens while nurturing a more sustainable, restorative tomorrow.

Ecolution was conceptualised during our director André Harms’ 14 month stint in Antartica. It was there where he truly witnessed the impacts of human activity on earth and made the decision to dedicate his career to using his skills to achieve a more sustainable world.

We chose to incorporate this experience, which is fundamental to our personality as a company, into the visual aspect of our values by utilising imagery taken by or of André during his life changing trip.

Authenticity | To be real, transparent and relationship building.

Friends gather to observe the penguins after a team building experience consisting of bathing suits and snow!

Adaptability| To be flexible, innovative and outcomes-based in a fast-changing world

The South African Antarctic research station from a far – where teams (and André) live(d) during their time on the continent.

Respect | to honour the environment, our clients, surrounding community and ourselves

An Antarctic researcher (a team mate of André’s) observes a beautiful colony of penguins from a small distance.

Perseverance | To continually strive for excellence, consistency and professionalism in all that we do.

Three team mates, including André work together through a snow storm.

Passion | To be enthusiastic catalysts for change.

A picture taken by André Harms of the Emperor Penguin