Early Stage Design Modelling
Simplified, low cost, climate responsive design and planning for building design in early stages.

Rapid modelling of many concept designs, whilst understanding your climate to inform your design choices.

Early stage design choices can have a big effect. We offer various lower cost modelling tasks to guide building design into the best direction, specifically focussing on climate responsive design. We also offer more comprehensive design optimisation services.

Holistic Energy Sustainability

Analyse concept design (or existing building) and identify key areas with the greatest energy saving potential. Plan your low energy footprint and holistic sustainability journey for new and existing buildings.

Design for climate

Graphing tools assist us to display climate data for easy visual representation and identification of suitable climate responsive designs. We use Meteonorm software to generate representative climate data anywhere on earth.

Climate change will impact all our futures. Using climate prediction software from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to help future-proof your building, we ensure efficient design and operation for likely climate change scenarios while maintaining comfort and energy efficiency.

Early stage optimisation

Optimisation is an advanced early stage design tool. Computer simulations intelligently choose from a range of design variables, incrementally changing them to find optimal combinations and thereby inform and optimise your building design. See typical variables and case study.

Design Optimisation Modelling

After a concept design is approved, we run detailed simulations to balance heating, cooling, daylighting, and thermal comfort. We use passive design to achieve comfort resulting in minimal aircon use for your building.