Wedgewood Sandton

EDGE Expert & Auditor

Wedgewood Sandton is the result of the partnership of some of Africa’s top, award-winning property experts. This new offering from Balwin Properties aims to define a new way of city living for South Africans and create an “engaged and accessible lifestyle through cleverly designed spaces and unprecedented facilities”. This high-rise compact apartment block in the centre of Sandton also addresses a key urban issue of urban sprawl.
Ecolution Consulting initially conducted an EDGE assessment to ensure that the current designs were meeting the EDGE minimum requirements. With a few material selection and water efficiency changes the project is now able to target EDGE certification through GBCSA as the certifier. The project is currently registered and well on its way to receiving Preliminary certification within the coming few months. This will then be followed with a EDGE final certification once the project reaches practical completion whereby Ecolution, as the auditor, will conduct an onsite assessment of the submitted measures. 

Project Details

  • External shading devices on each private balcony (overhang of the above balcony)
  • Low-E coated glass (better thermal properties than regular glass)
  • High-efficiency boiler for hot water
  • Energy efficient refrigerators and clothes washing machines to be provided
  • 100% LED fixtures in internal areas, common areas and external areas
  • Lighting control for common areas and outdoors
  • Low-flow shower heads
  • Low-flow kitchen fittings
  • Low-flow taps in all bathrooms
  • Dual flush WC in all bathrooms
Reduced embodied energy through:
  • Reduced quantity of portland cement in the floor slabs, replaced with oversized aggregate 
  • Precast concrete panels used for external walls as opposed to clay-fired bricks
  • Predominant use of concrete blocks for internal walls to mostly replace clay-fired bricks