House Delicio

Green Star, Performance Modelling and Sustainability Consulting 

When the owners of Africa’s greenest hotel, Hotel Verde, embarked on the design of their home in Cape Town, low environmental impact was one of their main considerations. As such Ecolution was appointed as the sustainability and Green Star consultants on the project. 

House Delicio is constructed largely of timber – a choice made for its many environmentally sustainable attributes, as well as the thermal qualities and aesthetic appeal.  

This 624m2 3 Story residential home consists of 3 separated living units. The building constructed from a standard bricks and mortar ground floor with a prefabricated timber superstructure imported from Germany making up the 1st, 2nd and attic.

 Client Name: Mario Delicio, owner of Hotel Verde, Africa’s Greenes Hotel
Project Location: Constantia, Cape Town
Certification: 5 Star Green Star, Multi-Unit Residential

More Project Details

– Prefabricated timber superstructure from 100% PEFC timber
– 100% LED lighting with control
– Large concrete tank 
collecting rain water off roof, topped up with borehole
– Rain water treated to 
potable level and used on site
– Untreated rain water used 
for toilet flushing and irrigation needs
– Construction waste tracking 
to reduce waste to landfill  
– Renewable energy use through solar panel