Ecolution Consulting’s Top Five Green Building Projects

In light of Green Building Week 2017, we have put together a roundup of five of some of our favourite green building projects that we have been proud to be a part of.

Hotel Verde

Scope: lead sustainability consultants

Hotel Verde has been one of our greatest success stories as a true showcase for green buildings and hotels, not only in South Africa but also in the world. Hotel Verde, marketed as Africa’s green hotel, offers a carbon neutral experience and is the first hotel in the world to have received a double LEED platinum certification from the United States Green Building Council for both design and construction, and operation. The hotel was also a pilot project for the Green Star existing building performance tool by the Green Building Council of South Africa. The hotel showcases some of the most advanced technical interventions which have related to massive energy and water savings. 

Four Leaf Estate

Scope: Edge auditors

Fourleaf Estate residential development in Port Elizabeth is the first residential project in Africa to have met the EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) resource-efficiency standard and receive EDGE final certification. Fourleaf Estate delivers significant financial savings to its residents through practical sustainability solutions that have lead to a decrease in energy use, water consumption and embodied energy

Gateway West & Allandale Building

Scope: Commissioning Agents (LEED)

The Gateway West and Allandale buildings are part of the greater Waterfall Estate based in Midrand, Johannesburg. Ecolution consulting implemented commissioning processes to ensure quality, maintainability and functionality of key building services. Some of the project features include efficient GVAC, a high performance envelope, energy efficient lighting and a PV array.

Two Dam Sustainable

Scope: lead sustainability consultant

Two Dam Sustainable is an off-grid rainbow trout farm in the Montagu area that runs almost entirely off of renewable energy. The farm is the first in Africa to make use of a Recirculating Aquaculture System which operates sustainably by being an energy efficient low head recirculating system. In addition to this, the farm collects and filters its own water and makes use of a number of other technical and operational interventions.

Google Head Office

Scope: Commissioning Agents (Green Star & LEED)

Google Head Office, based in Johannesburg, targeted a dual certification for LEED and Green Star certifications. The head office is a “celebration of African design and ingenuity” and made use of innovative and creative approaches in the design of the building. From using old jeans from staff members to create upholstery, to building upcycled furniture and recycling magazines as cladding, the office showcases the possibilities of being sustainable and designing a cool office at the same time. In 2016, the office also won a top spot in the International Green Interior Awards in Sydney, Australia.