Ecolution Consulting’s Guide to Reduce Waste

We’ve put together a simple guide to help you on your journey to reduce waste in your day-to-day life.

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to reduce, reuse and recycle – or you are already dedicated to the ideal of a zero waste life – these steps can help you in your pursuit to reduce waste at home and in the office.


Whilst most of us see the importance of reducing waste, we often focus solely on the idea that recycling what we can is enough. Whilst recycling is great start and a decent solution – it is certainly not the only one. In order to make real inroads in reducing waste, emphasis needs to be put on our need to rethink and refuse certain products and ways of life. This not only has the ability to reduce our own waste as consumers, but also put pressure on brands to make changes to their offerings.


An excellent way to reduce your waste is to equip yourself with your very own zero waste kit which is filled with reusables. This comes in handy when buying anything that usually comes in single use packaging. Think groceries, take out, coffee, juices and smoothies to name a few. Once again, this not only reduces your personal waste but also starts conversations with those you meet along the way creating the potential to create waves of change.


When it comes to the waste you just can’t avoid – always try your best to ensure the packaging is recyclable. Remember that not all plastics are recyclable, so be sure to look for the recycling sign on the packaging. If it can’t be recycled – leave it on the shelf – if you’re stuck with it then Eco-brick it along with all the other non-biological waste that cannot be recycled. Set up split bins in your home and office and start putting in effort to splitting your waste. When it comes to recyclables you can opt to drop them off at the nearest recycling drop off point or look for a company that does curb side collections. Indoor composting is the perfect way to deal with your food waste and give your garden the nutrients it needs to flourish, whether you choose Bokashi composting or Vermicomposting as your chosen method.


Minimising your waste is not always easy, but it certainly is worth it. Do your research, try new things and find out the best methods to help minimise waste in your day to day life. Get involved, join community clean ups, make every beach day a beach clean up day. And of course… spread the word !

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