New EDGE Project – Ecolution and Old Mutual team up

Ecolution is excited to be partnering with Old Mutual in our very first EDGE project based in Port Elizabeth, which happens to also be one of the first EDGE certifications in South Africa. Our team members Cornelia and Mark will be the EDGE Accredited Professionals for the roll out of the residential development with sustainability principles underpinning its construction

What is EDGE?

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a simple user-friendly Green Building Rating Tool funded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The tool is aimed at the residential property market, with the intention of making a sustainable home easier to attain.

Ecolution is excited to be able to bring sustainable principles to the residential market and make it more attainable for many groups to engage in green building principles.

About the Development

The residential development has been named Fourleaf Estate due to the connotation that fourleaf clovers have with a rare and elusive DNA. The developers of the estate are Similan – developers who have become renowned for redefining the concept of what affordable housing means in South Africa. The mere fact that the development is able to produce very affordable homes whilst still achieving an EDGE certification is also proof that sustainability can be achieved at lower costs and in any setting.

According to Fourleaf – they have a clear brief for the architects and project partners:

To “design attractive, cost-effect homes that comply with energy efficiency regulations and that are comfortable throughout the year. The beautiful results are a pleasure to live in – cool in summer, warm in winter, with solar geysers to save every household’s electricity cost and contribute to the conservation of the earth’s natural fuel resources.”

The estate also plans to put into action a number of other sustainability measures including:

  • Recycling programmes with compulsory compliance from residents
  • Restoration of the Parsons Vlei natural wetland which borders the development
  • Community gardening