GBCSA awards Hotel Verde for achieving the highest Green Star rating in the country

Hotel Verde came out on top achieving the Highest Rated Building Award at the Annual Green Building Convention 2015. Hotel Verde, having achieved 82 points, equating to a six-star certification, was rated with the Green Star SA existing building performance tool (EBP) and was certified in June 2015, where Ecolution was the Accredited Professional for the submission. 

The annual Green Star SA Leadership Awards consists of four different categories. For buildings, there are the Highest Rated Building and the Best Quality Submission awards, while individual professionals are also awarded as either a Rising Green Star or an Established Green Star in the South African green building market.

Ecolution Consulting is proud to have been and continues to be involved in such an inspiring building project and agree that this award is a symbol of the sustainable operating practices that continue throughout the running of this environmentally, technologically advanced building. Read further about Hotel Verde here