Vineyard Hotel & Spa

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Client Name: Vineyard Hotel

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Location: Cape Town, Western Cape

This heritage and luxurious accommodation, restaurant and spa is leading modern times in its approach towards resource efficiency, sustainability and corporate social initiatives. The Vineyard hotel has made a commitment to ensure all water and energy consumption is managed efficiently, effectively and economically. This goal is able to be achieved through the commitment of staff and other stakeholders. The hotel and spa has, over the years, received many awards to recognise their sustainability efforts. The hotel does not solely focus on environmental sustainability but on economic and social sustainability as well. 

Ecolution Consulting is the Vineyard’s preferred sustainability consulting firm assisting them in various ways from strategy to project sustainability management and product and system evaluation. The property has many exciting projects and initiatives on the horizon and Ecolution is pleased to be apart of this great journey.


The Vineyard Hotel expanded in 2016 to offer three apartment-style suites located on a separate property adjacent to the main hotel building. The suites are aimed at long-stay guests with full access to hotel amenities. Bucksburn is targeting 5 Star Green Star SA As-Built rating, under the Multi-Unit Residential certification tool. The project is pioneering Photovoltaic-thermal power collectors which provide the building’s hot water demand and contribute towards offsetting its energy requirements. The air conditioning system makes use of efficient VRF technology which allows waste heat to be captured for further water heating. A grey water harvesting system has been installed to capture all wastewater from showers and hand basins to supply all toilet-flushing requirements. Advanced metering of all water and energy use allows the Vineyard Hotel to track and monitor all consumption and trends. Each of the three units has been fitted out with energy-efficient appliances and low-flow water fittings to ensure lowest possible consumption within the building. 

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