Employee Engagement

Tangible change starts with the education of and the buy-in from employees in the workplace. We offer a series of practical behavioural and awareness orientated initiatives. 

Implementation of in-house sustainability drives

In-house campaigns have a big role to play in corporate sustainability. They provide a platform for employees to be educated, empowered and incentivised. A shift in mind set can change behaviour, fuel passion and excitement for sustainability in the workplace, whilst improving sustainability metrics. 

The sustainability drives and campaigns created by Ecolution are bespoke and thus project dependent. They may vary from educational sign-based campaigns to fully integrated employee campaigns that include everything from workshops and team buildings to interdepartmental competitions. 

Educational Workshops and Training Sessions

Educational sustainability workshops and training sessions can have the following purposes:

  1. To understand a company’s corporate sustainability goals, potential challenges and opportunities in order to develop a sustainability strategy and vision
  2. To educate different levels of employees, either in group or one-on-one sessions, on sustainability education and what can be achieved as individuals and as a collective
  3. To incite passion and personal responsibility for sustainable growth and change within the work environment.

Development of Sustainability Visions and Strategies

Success in corporate sustainability requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all aspects of the business – from the office environment to the employees, suppliers and even consumers. Some of the components of strategy that we offer are:

  1. Advancing sustainability within corporate governance
  2. Creating the platform for an ongoing dialogue and action plan on sustainability challenges and opportunities
  3. Practical performance improvements to enhance efficiency and achieve sustainability goals across the value chain.