EDGE Certification

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a tool aimed at increasing energy, water and materials efficiency in the South African residential sector.

EDGE is a measurable way for residential developers to optimise the performance of their building design. The certification requires achieving a minimum saving of 20% in the three categories: operational energy, water usage and reduction in embodied energy.

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EDGE Certification Results in Residential Developments and Homes that:

Are at least 20% more energy efficient and use at least 20% less water

Green Star Certification - Sustainable Precincts

Have at least 20% less embodied energy (energy associated with materials use)

Edge - sustainability

Have sustainability embedded into construction processes

environmental benefits

Lead to long-term environmental savings

Green Star Certification - Existing Building Performance

Sell better, are affordable and lead to long-term economic savings

Who benefits from EDGE Certification?

EDGE Certification has a myriad of benefits that extend further than just a reduced environmental footprint. These benefits extend to the people involved in the building, such as:

Why Choose Ecolution Consulting to guide or audit your EDGE certification?

Our track record is proven! As EDGE is a relatively new certification scheme by the Green Building Council of South Africa, there aren’t many companies that can claim experience in this field. Ecolution Consulting was responsible for guiding the first EDGE project to receive final certification in Africa. We are able to assist in the roles of Project Admin and Auditor on behalf of the client. We also have a proven track-record in reducing the overall cost of certification, thereby driving down costs and increasing project margins.

EDGE Project Admin (Ideally an EDGE Expert)

  • Owns and manages the certification process. 
  • Responsible for ensuring the project meets EDGE standard.
  • Responsible for registering the project.
  • Responsible for supplying all relevant “marked up” information.

EDGE Auditor

  • Responsible for auditing information provided by the EDGE Admin.
  • Responsible for undertaking site audits and testings
  • Responsible for the recommendation of certification (if project deemed compliant).

There are two additional roles of certifier admin and reviewer. These roles are selected by the certifier to review or provide quality control.