Company Profile

Our Story

Ecolution Consulting was established by André Harms in 2011 in response to the need for market transformation towards more sustainable and responsible design, construction, operation and maintenance in the built environment.  André spent over a year in Antarctica from 2010 to 2011 working for SANAP at the South African Antarctic base as the team leader and head engineer. It was there that his passion for the environment was brought face to face with the critical situation we are facing on our planet. 

Living for 14 months in complete isolation with his small team he became acutely aware of mankind’s reliance on energy as well as our propensity to produce waste. He returned to South Africa and founded Ecolution as the first step in the right direction. Ecolution provides a range of responsible engineering and sustainability consulting services for the property industry and their suppliers. Although relatively young, Ecolution has already made a significant contribution to the sustainability industry of South Africa with a growing network of partners in the industry.


Our Vision

We live, work and play sustainability!

Ecolution Consulting is a professional sustainability consulting firm that provides expert insights, solutions and consulting services for businesses in any industry and buildings of any nature. Our services assist clients who are striving to be an environmentally responsible business, as well as being recognized as such.

Our solutions not only focus on sustainability, but the holistic benefits it provides; from financial profitability to operational efficiency as well as brand exposure and trust. We commit to always stay abreast of the cutting edge solutions and technologies that exist in the market place, whilst innovating our own strategies and methods to achieve more successful, efficient and healthier buildings, work places and communities.

As a combined force, alongside our clients, we will act as a catalyst for a change towards bettering our world.

GBCSA Green Star

Our Values

We are driven by the purpose to be better corporate citizens while nurturing a more sustainable, restorative tomorrow. As we work towards this vision, these are the values that govern our actions and define our aspirations:

Authenticity | To be real, transparent and relationship-building.
Adaptability | To be flexible, innovative and outcomes-based in a fast-changing world.
Respect | To honour the environment, our clients, surrounding community and ourselves.
Perseverance | To continually strive for excellence, consistency and professionalism in all that we do.
Passion | To be enthusiastic catalysts for change.

As a founding B Corporation, we are dedicated to redefining business and using it as a force for good. Being a B Corporation not only provides a mechanism for us to harness the power of private enterprise to create benefit for all but also to act as a catalyst for a change towards bettering our world.

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