Unilever Khanyisa

Boksburg, Gauteng

Unilever Khanyisa factory floor
Project Description:

Unilever Khanyisa is a home-care liquids factory situated in Boksburg, Johannesburg. The factory produces popular brands such as Omo, Handy Andy, Domestos, Comfort and Sunlight amongst others. The facility includes a manufacturing plant, warehouses, utility areas, production offices and an amenities building. 

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) is a plan to reduce the carbon footprint of the Unilever operations while aiming to double the size of the business. The Khanyisa site is planned to deliver a 50% reduction in the carbon emission footprint and as much as 70% reduction in water usage per ton. This plant forms a massive part of Unilever’s R3 billion Capacity Transformation Project investment all in line with USLP. 

As part of this process, Unilever Khanyisa is targeting LEED silver certification with the requirements stipulated in LEED New Construction v2009. 

Ecolution Consulting has been appointed as Commissioning Authority (CxA), and will, therefore, be guiding and supporting the design team in the Fundamental Commissioning process. The systems Ecolution is subject to commissioning are: HVAC&R systems, lighting and controls, hot water systems, the building envelope, renewable energy systems, as well as all water conservation systems with pumps.

A few details of the systems to be commissioned at the Unilever factory include: 

  • energy efficient lighting with automatic occupancy sensors as well as day/night switches
  • HVAC&R system insulation and efficiency 
  • rain water harvesting plant 
  • waste water treatment plant
  • heat pumps
  • energy efficiency ratings for all pumps and motors
  • sealing of the building envelope 

In order to ensure that the installed systems adhere to the requirements of Unilever, all energy-related systems and water conservation systems will be subject to installed and Functional Performance Tests. The commissioning process ensures that the goals of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan can be met. 

Unilever Factory outside wall
Unilever Khanyisa factory outside
Unilever Khanyisa factory inside