Aug 25, 2016

Building Commissioning: So Much More than a Credit


An expert system resulting in quality buildings with manifold benefits

Today the Green Building Council of South Africa released a technical clarification on their commissioning clauses, explaining that Green Star allows for either the CIBSE or ASHRAE guidelines based Commissioning Processes to be implemented to achieve the relevant credits for certification (see CIR: MAN2 -C-OB1-0855 as well as the recent technical clarification: MAN2 -T-OB1-1562).

The Building Commissioning (Cx) Process emphasises integrated quality. It ensures a higher level of building performance that will endure over time. It is extremely effective because it is an unbiased, third-party approach that takes into account the fact that all building systems are interrelated and integrated in operation. It harnesses a process in which a flow of tasks reinforces and supports the action completed previously, creating synergy and efficiency.


Being quality-driven, the Commissioning Process is most optimal when it is carried out by a highly competent and effective independent commissioning agent. This recent clarification from the GBCSA has come as a good sign that we at Ecolution, have chosen to develop our unique commissioning toolkit with a blend of both the ASHRAE and CIBSE standards that is cost-effective and impactful.

For more information, click here to download our Commissioning Brochure

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